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    Planarians are not too harmful to the human body. This is a creature that likes to live in water. In the history of animal evolution, there are actually many such typical animals, but planarians are one of them. When seeing this kind of planarian, I believe that many people are particularly afraid. Its body is yellow, looks very long, and has a series of lines, giving people a feeling of terror. In fact, it does not It does not harm human beings, but it does not do much harm to human bodies.

    The appearance of the planarian is very strange. It is slender and slender, looks very soft, and has some flattened states. It is not particularly large. The length is generally 5-30 mm, and the width is 1-5 mm. mm. Its back side is relatively protruding, and most planarians are black, brown, reddish brown or milky white, but its abdomen is relatively flat, but this is a close-up observation, if you look at it from a long distance It looks like it's yellow.

    Planarians are relatively rare in life, because they do not live on land. They are water-loving creatures. They often live in springs with relatively low water temperature and good water quality, in small streams or in ponds. , in order to avoid damage from other animals, it often lives under rocks. Planarians are also carnivorous creatures. Under natural conditions, it will not eat chickens and ducks, because its size is relatively small, there is no way to eat such huge animals, so it can only capture some insects or insect larvae and small creatures.

    There are also many people who raise planarians. When they are raising planarians, they will feed them to eat pig liver, fish liver or internal organs of animals and egg yolks, etc. It can be seen that planarians do not cause any harm to the human body. Many people live by feeding planarians, and the reproduction of planarians is quite rapid. If you feed planarians carefully every day, they will grow very fast. When food is abundant, it can become a very large planarian in a short time. .


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